Snowly, Disappointed.

Today was completely out of whack and started a lot earlier than expected. Two in the morning to be exact. Jackson woke me up by yelling and standing in his play pen. Not crying mind you. Just yelling. Mama! Papa! Hello! Bye Bye!

We had him in our room last night because his cold returned over the weekend. We really thought we were free of it on Sunday, but I think he caught a new one while at child care for church. So I guess it doesn’t take much to get this kid sick. But now that I think about it, he probably wasn’t subjected to that many germs in the orphanage. So to look at this on the bright side, maybe this is helping him build his immune system. Right?

Anyway, so the kid wakes up screaming all of the words he can remember and is smiling grin to grin like a crazy person. So I get up thinking that maybe rocking would help, when I noticed he felt very hot. He did have a low grade fever the night before and we gave him some medicine, so I was guessing this meant the medicine had wore off. So we took his temp and it was about 102 F. It was a little higher than last night. So we just decided to give him a drink of water, give some more medicine since eight hours had passed,  and rocked him for a bit. After all that he was out cold.

He woke up with no fever in the morning, but he’s had a slight fever off and on today around 98, which we are not medicating at this point. He seems to be doing better. I think it’s just a cold as his nose was running a lot since yesterday, but he’s doing a lot better now. I think we will be in the clear soon. Whew!

I kept up with Jackson’s rigorous schedule in the morning and he did well. However with the impending snow storm that the news said was coming Lindsey came home at lunch and worked from home, so that messed up his routine a little bit – but he took a long nap and was excited to see his Mama! Turned out this snow storm wasn’t nearly as bad as the news hyped. I probably only had about 2 inches to shovel off our driveway. I’m somewhat snowly disappointed in this non storm. Since I don’t have to drive in it, I was hoping for more..

That’s about all folks. As for SAHD duties, I need to figure out what pediatrician we are going to go to with Jackson. Also Lindsey and I have some unrelated decisions we need to make. Some pretty heavy decisions. Pray that, as for Jackson, I will continue to become great in my role and keep myself and him busy, and that Lindsey and I continue to follow God’s guidance for our lives in the months ahead.

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  1. Christina Avatar

    So this is more about the last post…the potty thing could be related to Lindsey being back at work last week & then home this weekend – I believe the same thing happened when you returned to work? But hopefully he adjusts to Mama leaving each day. Sounds like you got a smart kid on your hands, if he’s cracking into your iPod! I hope he feels better soon so he can play in the snow!! 🙂