Lazy Days..

Today I got bored for this first time. And it’s my fault really. I think Lindsey being here for half of the day yesterday made me get out of my routine. I was more tired than usual so I took a little power nap during Jackson’s nap time. There was a lot I probably could have got accomplished, but decided not to. Ugh, I hope tomorrow is a better day! I’m really hoping Jackson is completely clear from his cold after today. He hasn’t had a fever all day which is good, and his runny nose is nearly gone. I’ve decided that tomorrow we are going to get outside and move around a bit and burn some energy by playing in the snow.. Why not!

At this point I’ve definitely got Jackson’s routine down. I’m seeing though that if I don’t get out of this house soon I might go stir crazy! I’m going to spend some time to continue researching things to do outside of the house. Jackson is doing great though. He is taking great naps and no longer cries when its nap time! This is such a relief. It’s so fun to watch him grow. I have to be careful though. I’ve seen today, especially on the days I’m a little tired and just want to do nothing, that he gets bored and quick. And I can understand. I’m going to try real hard to give him more attention tomorrow than I have today.

Nobody said this would be easy. But I can’t make excuses. I have to continue to go, go, go! Please continue to encourage me! I’ve enjoyed all of the feedback.

2 responses to “Lazy Days..”

  1. Cara Avatar

    AHA museum in Lancaster is awesome! Jackson would love it! I like to take the girls there!

  2. Scott Avatar

    I’ve had so many people mention it. That I WILL check out soon! Thanks! 🙂