Welcome to my website. I’ve created this blog to give friends, family, and strangers a chance to peek into my somewhat ordinary life. If you’ve made it this far I’m guessing you might know me. If not, here’s a few details about myself.

First and and foremost, my name is Scott and I am happily married to my wonderful wife Lindsey. We are Christians and it is our hope to use this blog as a tool to testify the Truth of Jesus Christ to all who are willing to come and listen.  In 2011 we relocated to Carmel, Indiana from Columbus, Ohio where God graced us with a new home and church family.

In 2009 Lindsey and I faithfully answered God’s call in our life by adopting our first child, Jackson Scott, from the Ukraine in November 2010. We were able to document our entire experience at this link if you are interested in reading.

After adopting Jackson, I became a proud stay a home father to Jackson for a couple of years. In 2013 the tables turned once again, as I was went back to work as a Consumer Specialist in the health related services field.  Shorty after, we became the proud parents of our beautiful daughter Josette in April 2013. In October 2014 I took on a new role n Customer Service. About a year later, in October 2015 our son Lincoln was born. In 2016 I also took on an additional job at at our church as the Media Coordinator of Cornerstone Bible Church.

As for my interests, I am an avid fan of computers, technology, and occasionally like to play video games. I’m also enjoy winding down the day with the wife catching some of our favorite TV shows.

Writing is a huge passion of mine. I started blogging when I graduated high school and it has been fun to record so many memories throughout the years. This site would not be possible however without the help of my friends Scott Bishop and Joseph Schorr, who have generously given me hosting space on MKO, a fan-site I helped create in ’98.

If after reading through this site and you find you still have questions, please feel free to email me anytime at scott@scotthowell.ws.

Enjoy your stay!