“Uh Oh.. I did it.”

Well I’m getting back into the swing of things today, and nothing out of the ordinary. I will say however that over the weekend Jackson started doing some funny things. I have an iPod Touch and usually I have been safe to just keep it laying around as it auto locks. However, with a little practice my boy figured out how to unlock it himself. Luckily he didn’t post to my Twitter/Facebook. So, anyway I added a passcode to the mix, and unless he cracks that, I think I’ll be okay. The funniest part out of all of this was that one time he brought the iPod over to me where it showed the screen to key in your passcode, and Jackson clearly stated. “Uh Oh! I did it!”. Ha! That is the first complete sentence we can remember him saying to our best knowledge. There was other times throughout the weekend too where we heard him saying “I do it!” or something similar. It’s so fun to watch him say more things as time moves on.

Jackson has been doing a lot greater with the potty in the last few days as well, which is encouraging. I hope he keeps this up. We ran out of our Pampers and now are using Huggies. I’m not sure if there is a difference, but I’m not liking the Huggies so much!

Well, Jackson’s cold seems to be back for round two. His cough is mostly gone, but after I got him up from his nap his nose is running like a faucet and he’s got a low grade fever again. Back to drinking lots of water and to the medicine. It seems like everyone is sick! My parents have been sick for a week and Lindsey is just getting better herself. Luckily so far I have escaped the wrath of a cold. Here’s hoping it stays that way. However, I’ve been told that in this world of staying home I can expect to be sick a lot..

Can’t wait to see the snow storm blow in. See you tomorrow!