Looking Back on Week 1

It’s Friday, and I’m about an hour or so from completing my first week on the job as a Stay at Home Dad with a newly adopted child whose world had been rocked in so many ways since we took him out of the orphanage nearly two months ago. Today was our first official outing, though quick. We were hit with some icy roads around here last evening and are getting another burst of snow this afternoon. So, we made our trip to the Social Security Administration building in the morning. Jackson I think is about 95% free from his cold. He has only coughed a couple of times today that I can remember. The day started off a little bit later as Lindsey went into the office not as early and Jackson slept in until 8:30, which I think is a record. So once Lindsey was out, I quickly made breakfast and as he ate I filled out the form I needed for his Social Security Card and collected all of the documentation we needed like his Certificate of Citizenship, Ukraine Passport, etc.

The snow was coming soon, so we had to skip out on physical/learning time and jump right in the shower. We got dressed, and after what seemed like eternity, I got the snow off the car, got everything packed, and we were on the road. The visit itself was pretty much uneventful. The clerk had apparently never filed a child for a new card for an international adoption. But after a lot of puzzled looks she finally went ahead and put Jackson in the system. We should have our card in two weeks. As we waited in the lobby I felt like a stay at home dad for the first time. It was just me and Jackson in his stroller, diaper bag, crackers, and water. I felt like a mom with all the people starting at me. I don’t think I’ve ever been out with Jackson alone and even though this errand was short, I think reality hit me.

We got back home and it was time for lunch and I was back on schedule with his nap. He slept really good today and even a bit longer than he usually does. I eventually had to get him up. All in all Jackson has been great today. He even went #2 on the potty twice! And the first time – he told me had to go! I appreciate all of the tips you guys have given me on my blog. I will look into the activities mentioned to give Jackson something new to do.

So overall, an easy first week! I know things will get more complicated as the weeks go on. We have a lot of work to do to get Jackson readopted here in the States as well as other tasks. Looking back on the week behind me, I think I have a good attitude. I’m not going to lie, I’m not sitting here in awe of my situation thinking how picture perfect it is here. I feel like I’m just on vacation and eventually I’ll go back to my normal life of pricing out nuts and bolts. A call from the office today from an ex-coworker/friend of mine asking where I kept some files, reminded me of how busy I was. Even though I’m happy to be gone, there was an eerily comfortable feeling that arose by discussing something “work” related.

Eventually it will set in that this is my life. The time at home is rewarding though. I remember rocking Jackson in his room before I put him down for a nap today. To see this little guy in your arms smiling back at you just breaks your heart. (In a good way). Sometimes I feel like I need affirmation from God that we made the right decision with me staying home, but I see Him showing us we did each day. God is continuing to enrich our lives and grow us. I’m not quite sure what the next big thing is for the Howell Family. For so long our life was the adoption process. As that has passed and as we move on to taking care and loving our new addition to our family, we must sit here and patiently wait for what God has in store for us.

This is my last post for the week. I am going to take the weekends off from posting. But, I am going to try to keep committed to blogging during the week. I hope it’s not too much, but I’m doing this more for myself then anybody else. I don’t expect everyone to read every day, nor do you need to. But it really is my hope to share this part of my life with everyone. My blog has been getting hundreds of hits each day when I’m updating daily. I’m not sure where you all are coming from and how you found this site, but I’m encouraged that so many people have been following our (The Howell’s) journey thus far. I’m looking into ways to expand this blog as well, to people who don’t know me personally. More on that later. Thanks for reading this week. Have a great weekend and God Bless!

2 responses to “Looking Back on Week 1”

  1. Stefanie Avatar

    So glad you had a great first week! I forgot to attach our blog. We have five little boys from Ukraine, two were less than two when we met them. Also, I am originally from Centerville, OH! Very small World!!!

    1. Scott Avatar

      It is a small world! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing the link!