You’re up to something bigger than me.

IMG_0891A few days ago I celebrated my 26th birthday. Twenty six is not a huge milestone in some respects, but it was my first birthday as a married man. Overall the birthday went well. I selfishly decided not to tell anybody at work as I don’t enjoy all the pomp and circumstance that comes with all of that. Lindsey did meet me for lunch and later that evening we had the delicious cake pictured above at LifeGroup. The festivities concluded the following evening at my parents where we went out for dinner. Fun times were had all around.

With every birthday that comes and goes it’s a quick chance to look back at your life and also take a glimpse of what the future might hold. For us, I think the future holds many great things. As the subject of this post reads, we (being Lindsey & I) have strongly put forth this notion to listen to God’s calling and live out our lives for Him and not for ourselves. In my last post I really stressed the impact certain decisions or lack thereof is affecting us in our daily lives. The biggest challenge that has been getting in the way is our focus being so much on ourselves and figuring out our game plan for life. We have felt for so long that we need to be in complete control and set a definite timeline for how we want things to work out. It has become so important for us that all of our goose eggs are in a row before we make any other decision. God is challenging us in these areas by telling us to throw it all away and  to stop worrying.  We just need to live our lives with our sole focus being Him and believing that He will provide.

It’s quite challenging and sometimes frightening. Actually trusting God is a huge step in faith. We can go to church every week and read the Bible daily, but it means nothing when you’ve reached a point where you are being tested and you can’t take that extra step that reaffirms your faith. Do you really believe? If you did, you would think it wouldn’t be so difficult.

We’re getting there. I hope we can make the jump.

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    i think you’ll find this funny mr. howell

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      That’s awesome! Thanks 🙂