Rid me of myself, I belong to You.

What a trying week this has been. But I promise that it hasn’t been all bad. A lot of good is happening in our lives right now. I probably got a little carried away when I twittered that I was at a breaking point. In fact, in all actuality, nothing but good is surfacing. It’s just that when God tugs on your heart to make changes, it’s so easy to focus on the negative. The fact that I don’t focus on the positive is just because of trust issues I have being misguided that He will let me fall. And we all know that is not the case. I guess it’s just easier said than done.

A lot of interesting things have been playing out since I started blogging again. I had no intention of big changes in my life taking place two weeks ago when I started writing. I thought then that it would just be “nice” and very “Christian” of me to share God’s word. Now that I have began writing, He has started revealing so much to us during this time. It is so exciting that I will soon be able to outline what these changes are on such an open platform as this. God is doing great things in our lives right now and I hope if nothing else that the stories shared here will touch people and get people as excited for Jesus as we are right now! We are just inches from making the jump.

Now to drastically change the subject, I did want to share that today I got my first pair of glasses. I can now see in crisp 1080p when I’m sitting at the computer or reading a book.  Here’s the stud muffin himself:


I haven’t decided if I’ll wear these outside of the house much, but here you have it – say hello to Mr. Four Eyes himself! The glasses are very plain, but that’s just how I wanted them. With that, it’s time to clean this apartment up a bit, as we are headed to the Ohio Theater tonight to watch the film “Show Boat” as part of their CAPA summer movie series. The memories of my performance as Captain Andy in high school are coming back.. 

Enjoy the weekend!

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