Back from E For All…

Last week I was in Los Angeles for the Entertainment for All Expo with some of my buddies. Having been to two past E3’s (The now defunct Electronic Entertainment Expo) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting much. The event was in the same convention center as was the E3 of yesteryear, however walking to to the convention on the first Thursday morning of the event was almost spooky to not see huge crowds coming from all directions. Evenwhen inside the event, the show only took up about 75% of South Hall, whereas E3 took over nearly every square inch of the convention center itself. Was I disappointed? Honestly, no. It was still very fun even with a lack of games to play. The energy was really high throughout all four days and it was fun to hang out at the Guitar Hero tournaments and the Nintendo area where you could play Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Though I had fun, I think my friends had a better time. For them, it was a dream come true. And that’s where the event really shined. Though I was used to the circus that was E3, my friends could not have asked for more. Heck, they even won all kinds of prizes. My friend Mike Enyart actually won third place in the Target Guitar Hero Championships, winning around $1,300 in Target and Best Buy gift cards! His brother Josh also won a Xbox 360, while Steve Cotton won $200 in a Guitar Hero III tournament. Steve also somehow got his named plugged in several news articles for the event. Almost every article I read proclaims that people came “all the way from Ohio”, even though let’s not forget that Justin Deering, my friend from MK Online made the trip from Florida. I have one video I found of Mike in the championships that also shows his interview with GameRiot. I’ll save you the video of the fifth place winner who stripped down to a G-String right before Mike’s performance!

I’m also fortunate that I was able to visit both Aaron Hallstrom (M4C) and RivetSP00n, two of my friends/coworkers at MKO. In other areas of my life… we had a great Fall party over here at Lindsey’s not too long ago, and Lindsey surprised me to a Blue Jackets hockey game earlier this month! Anyway’s that is all. I had a great vacation!

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  1. drkbish Avatar

    Truth be told, I’m not too sad that I missed E for All. The money that I would have used to go to it or E3 went to my car, and I’m already using my vacation time to go to Vegas. I figure that if we go to a event like this next year, we should all go to PAX.