A Little Catch-Up…

I received an email from LiveJournal last night reminding me that my paid-subscription was up for an auto-renewal on the 13th, and that they intend to charge my card on file on that date. For a moment I had to remember why I originally became a member in 2005. I think it had something to do about having a sub-domain at scotters83.livejournal.com among some other things. But if I recall correctly they offer that service for free now.  Then I remembered that the reason I renewed it last year was because I wanted my webdomain, scotthowell.ws, to point directly to this. But now that I’m thinking about it, there’s other more free practical ways I guess I could point the site to my LiveJournal. Whether it be using a 100% frame or just by having it redirect automatically once you get here. So I’m going to explore my options because I’d love to save $20. Regardless though, that’s just one of the things that prompted me to decide to make a quick update on here. The other is from all people, Josh Frost, who I went to high school with. I ran into him at Wal-mart a few weeks ago and then seeing him at Shades at the Canal last night. He mentioned he went to my blog from a link from Bloom-Carroll’s alumni site or something. He said he saw my previous post and never realized I ran Mortal Kombat Online. So I guess a blog like this still a valuable tool.

So with that, here’s a little update since last year. It is a new year and not entirely too much as changed but I am very busy. Still hoping to grab full-time hours though I’ve had some ups and downs in that department. I’m fairly busy at work right now and also have been in and out of training on a few things. So nothing new there. In life, the holidays have settled down. It was a good holiday season, unfortunately though my PapPap passed away the day after Christmas. It’s ok, I’m doing alright. Thanks for Emily/Mike & Anne for making a surprise visit to the showing, that meant a lot. I met to send a thank you card out, but you know how that goes. I’m dealing with it ok. I miss him, but we were expecting it for awhile so that made it a little easier, if there is such a thing. It was really great to see the whole family though!

My relationship with Lindsey is going well. It’s back into our second tax season together and I’m really not getting to see her much. She’s actually at work right now on a Saturday. But we’re doing just fine and it’s getting closer to April15th. She’s rotating our two bible studies in the week with our friends and our LifeGroup at church, so she’s not completely missing out. Some highlights since my previous post would include our going to the Wedding Singer musical at Palace Theatre. That was a great show!

From a technology side, as is one of my favorite interests, I’ve sort of wandered away from MySpace. I used to be addicted to that page, but quite frankly I rarely get on but once or twice a month. The place is just turning into a spam-outlet. I had to turn on the option to approve all my comments because I kept getting messages that were just not very tasteful. I’m more into Facebook now, so you should look me up. However, even there I don’t update my page often. It’s just good to see what’s new in people’s lives etc. Carrie, you gotta make the move to Facebook. I’m sorry it’s time. The time is now.  🙂 In other aspects of technology, I was lucky enough to be able to get Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RTM as early as the last week of January. They released what was then called Release Candidate 1 Refresh 2, which eventually was given the gold status by Microsoft. I had previously tested earlier builds, though I’m not a beta tester. I found the Windows Update registry file that Microsoft gave out on some random site and was able to perform the upgrade. I guess it won’t be available to the broad public until mid-March or as late as mid-April. I’ve definitely seen a performance increase and shutdown/startup times are noticeably shorter. Here’s a (small) screenshot below. The only noticeable changes surface-level is that "Search" has been removed from the right column of the Start Menu due to some complaint by Google:


In entertainment news it looks like a deal for the Writer’s Strike might finally be on the way! Though it hasn’t been so bad this month with the return of 8 episodes of LOST, I’m very happy to hear this news as I was very disappointed that my favorite television show 24 was put on hiatus. Not to mention, The Office. I’ve been using Netflix so I’ve kept busy, but this writer’s strike needs to be over.

And that’s that. I need to do something other than surf the internet today. Thanks for reading.