It’s All Just Part of His Plan..

Just to state quickly: I’m now using Windows Live Writer to post on my LiveJournal. It doesn’t do tagging the way I want or current mood with those smiley faces but ah well. I’m going to try this for awhile. It’s the content I care about. Not the other.

I had a really good day off today. I didn’t get much done, but after a very busy weekend it was nice to relax. This weekend my sister Carrie was in town for a baptism, and Lindsey’s sister Janel was also in town for a wedding. At my parents on Saturday night after watching the Buckeyes destroy Northwestern 58-7, we all played Beyond Balderdash and that was a lot of fun. Sunday was a little more hectic as Lindsey and I tried to see and spend time with both of our families, but we managed to work it all out pretty well.

As for today, I got up and started my laundry and watched Premonition off my Netflix Subscription. I’m back on the two-at-a-time plan as I am re-watching Six Feet Under with Lindsey. After watching the movie, which was decent, I continued to mosey around and get some things done until it was time to meet up with the Lindsey to head to our Life Group at the Noffsingers.  We’ve been going there for a little bit now and really do enjoy the studies and the people. It’s pretty much young married couples, as I think we are the only couple but we are starting to make friends there. In fact two of our friends, Trevor and Jenny Goodman, are moving to Texas to find work. Them and their son Noah are really fun and they will be missed as they try to follow God’s mysterious plan he’s got set forth for them. But all power to them. They will be missed.

I found something exciting online during my few hours of boredom today that I probably shouldn’t talk about. But it made me excited, and who know’s maybe someday I’ll be able to share it on here. One thing that I can say is that I truly believe a plan has been laid out for me and my interesting life and even though I question it sometimes myself, I am fully aware that the Big Man is in charge and is making things happen. Even if it’s on his time and not mine. And I’m not worried like I  used to be because I have something now that I’m not sure I had before and that’s faith.

And now I best be getting to bed as another day of work for me starts and  I need to be up at 6. With that, farewell.