A Blogger’s Top Ten List.

Long time coming for this post. Too bad I’m tired, or I’d catch you up in great detail on the last few month’s of my life. But since it’s late, that will have to wait. But for a short top-ten recap:

  1. I’m still dating Lindsey. For one year now. Good Times.
  2. I”m still part-time.
  3. I attend a new life-group at Church
  4. Ryan Patenaude got married; our newest room-mate is Matt Rotch.
  5. Ohio State Football Season has started; I even went to a game! – Go Bucks!
  6. My sister is having a new baby, Nathaniel Titus Woodard in November.
  7. Yes, that’s Kid Number 5.
  8. Summer Vacation went swell
  9. I’m going to the E for All Expo with friends in October.
  10. I’m a very very happy person.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m done making promises, but I would like to start updating again. In the mean time please check out my Facebook. Or the ever uninteresting MySpace page. Sorry Carrie, it’s time to get on the train with the new fads. Good night world!

One response to “A Blogger’s Top Ten List.”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Ha ha….from me, Carrie…your sisterrrrrr

    Yeah yeah, I’m all uncool now bc I don’t do facebook. Wah! LOL! Yes…I’m on #5. I take lots of happy drugs. :o) J/K “Premonition” was upsetting. The ending was like “What? That’s it?” Did you check out the Blooper Reel like I told you. Makes the movie worh renting. LOL!