Lindsey wants Blake to Win..

I got really upset because I lost a receipt today and I can’t understand why. I know it cost me $31 and some lose change to fill up the tank today. Quicken will surely still function if I enter in $31 until it clears. It’s weird how the mind works. Little things have just been getting tome in the last few weeks. Getting up late, car stalling, dropping the phone, not making it to NTB in time to get the nail taken out of my tire , locking my keys in my car, and so forth. These are just some of the nuisances that I have been forced to deal with in the last week. I think gas prices really are stressing me out. Mind you I’m trying to save better, but it shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve been with my job for six months and I love it, however it’s hard to keep motivated when it doesn’t seem to be going full time yet. But we’ll see. So ends my rant.

Life is good though, generally. It’s  been a tough week away from Lindsey. She’s been studying for another CPA exam portion and I haven’t really had the chance to hang out with her much and I’ve missed her a lot. Summer’s about here though and Lindsey has finished tax season. Along with finishing tax season she finished her half-marathon a couple of weeks ago in Indiana. I went with her and it was a nice little vacation. We got to see a ball game, and I got a tour of her college hometown in Cederville.

Nothing life altering has happened lately however as we are jumping closer to summer we are soon to lose Ryan from the apartment. Will we fill in another spot? Looks doubtful, but I think we’ll somehow manage. It’s been an interesting year here. I wonder how the next year will pan out. Hopefully everyone is doing alright. Not much to say other than I’m living my life. Church is well. Friend are well.

It’s hard to complain..

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