And I Will Walk 500 Miles..

So much for being on a roll with updates. I’m only updating today because Bobby mentioned sometime to me in the past week that he missed my postings. He had said that it seems I must not have much to write about anymore since things are going so well. I kind of chuckled at the thought as it is kind of true. When you have something to complain about, or things aren’t going exactly as hoped or planned in your life it’s easy to step into a darker more mellow world, where writing becomes an easy way to steam off your chest. Earlier today I was looking at some old posts from nearly a year ago and I can’t believed how depressed I sounded. I really was down about a lot of things and my whole spiritual journey seemed to be off the side of the curb. So, it brings me to a problem with this journal. Do I keep writing? Do I keep enlightening the few that actually might come across this and entertain their heads with my happiness? Nobody wants to hear how great somebody is doing. Everyone wants a sob story, or a dramatic crisis to keep themselves interested. Well, I think I will keep this journal regardless. But honestly I don’t think I’ll be writing on here on the usual daily basis that was 2006. Sure I’ll keep you updated as I want to keep track of my life too, but I don’t want to bore you.  So we’ll see how that turns out.

So where does end me off tonight. Well, since my last post I’ve continued my internship at Kimball Midwest in marketing. Besides one random day from last month, I’m no longer working at Wendy’s. It does look like my internship is turning into full time, in fact it was shortly mentioned just last Friday in a meeting I had with my bosses. So it’s a good feeling. Nothing against Wendy’s, as I’ve worked there for what seems my whole life, and if you look back at this journal you’ll most certainly believe it. But I’m finally doing something that I’m passionate about and finally making a little more money to help things run more smoothly in my life. I’m forever thankful.

On a more techy side of life, I did receive Windows Vista Business and Office Professional 2007 from the Power Together campaign and have it installed on my notebook .The performance increase from when I ran the Release Candidate a few months back is incredible. Windows Vista really is faster and more efficient than Windows XP and I was pleasantly surprised after having nothing but trouble from RC1 that I tested. Granted I upgraded my notebook to 1 GB of ram, but I’m still shocked at how well my system performs with Vista. I’ve never seen my notebook load my desktop so quickly. Though Windows Vista does have it’s quirks, I’m impressed by how smoothly it now runs.

Anyway, so tonight was Super Bowl Sunday. Lindsey and I watched it over at her place. She’s from Indianapolis and a pretty big Colts fan so you can safely say she was excited at tonight’s outcome. After the game it was back to my apartment where I ironed my clothes for the morning and had some more food. It’s really cold out (7 degrees according to my Vista Sidebar). This has to be one of the coldest winters yet. At least the ice and snow haven’t been that bad so far.

Well I’m going to be getting out of bed to start another week of work in about five hours so this is all you will get from me tonight. Hopefully you’ll see more, but if not thanks for reading anyway. If there’s anybody out there that I haven’t talked to in awhile and you want to catch up, please by all means leave a message to me somewhere. 

And with that, I wish you a good night..

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