We Now Return You to Your Regular Scheduled Blog-cast.

Two months of no posting? How does it happen? Well quite simply put, my life finally took off. For years I have wrote about wondering when life would start moving, and finally here it has begun. About a month after my last post I started a new job at Kimball Midwest as a Marketing Intern. I’ve been there now nearly two months and it’s slowly looks like it will be turning into full time for me. It really goes to show that patience is in fact a virtue. I love that job, and it’s great to finally use things I learned from college. I even have my own office equipped with a Dell computer, phone, and the works, that I share with another intern Allie. Life is great. Also since my last post we have somehow spanned across three different holidays. Yes, the holidays are over and I had a very nice Christmas in Indiana with my girlfriend Lindsey. I’ll post some pics on my MySpace soon. (I always say that I know..) The trip was a blast and I was so glad to get the chance to form a bond with her family. It was really sad for my parents for me not to spend Christmas together for the first time, but it was worth it.

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, so I think I’ll just end it rather quickly. It’s the start of a new year and I’m going to try to get back on the bandwagon of posting on here. I appreciate all of the views I’ve had in the past two months. It’s a pleasant surprise that this place still gets some traffic. Currently I am awaiting my shipment of another 512 MB of ram for my Dell Inspiron. That will bump me up to 1 GB for this system. Why you may ask? Very soon Microsoft will be shipping me a free copy of Windows Vista and Office 2007 Professional, thanks to a promotions deal at Powertogether.com I participated in a couple of months ago. I’m very excited to be getting this software at no cost!

Anyway I’m off to bed soon. With my new job I’m in the mode of working 8-5 and having weekends off. It’s awesome. Thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you all had a great holiday season. We’re now back to regular scheduled blogging!