Jackson Likes to Shake His Booty!

During our trip to South Haven, MI last weekend, while walking back from a lighthouse, Jackson started singing “Shake Your Booty”. We’re not sure who he heard it from, but it’s safe to say it was probably from TV. We managed to snag it on film – so here is Jackson dancing in all his bootylicious fashion!

2 responses to “Jackson Likes to Shake His Booty!”

  1. The McEacherns Avatar

    Too cute! Try singing the hokey pokey and singing, ‘You put your belly button in, your belly button out…” It’s insanely funny watching Isabel do it!

  2. Carrie Ann Avatar

    That is so cute! I think its safe to say he didn’t learn it from the nurses at the orphanage. 😉

    Hug him for me!