Adam & Dave, This One’s for You.

I have failed. let you down. I let one big life changing event happen in my life [full story] and what happens? I give up posting daily on my stay at home adventures with Jackson. Is this defeat? No. But I must grow strong and get back on my feet and rebound as the victorious king blogger. I will use this cartoon to summarize why I haven’t been blogging, and why you’re lucky to read one today:


The whole process of moving to Indiana, though exciting for us, has been kind of stressful for me. The more we start to pack our things, the more reality hits that there’s a lot of work to to be done. As that happens I kind of shut down. I’ve been veg’ing out on the couch more, focusing on things that aren’t ultimately that important, and allowing my time home with Jackson to be more of a nuisance then something I should be enjoying. I’ve let him get to me a lot in this last few weeks as Lindsey and I have been digesting our move to Indiana and its beginning to show on me. Learning time has become play time for Jackson and computer time for Scott. Nap time has become zone out time. Bible reading has become – minimal at best. Can anything save me? Well of coarse.

It’s funny when I don’t blog. If you look closely, you can always use it as a tool to see if I’m doing well. Although, my habits  have changed over the last nine years. In my early years of blogging I would blog because I was angry, torn, or upset about something. I was a teenager and full of emotion and I loved using my blog as an escape. Back then, if things were peachy – you wouldn’t hear from me. Blogging was a way to push out all of the emotions I was holding in.

Fast forward to around 2006 – life is much different. Thank God that today I’m actually a pretty happy person and I’m fully confident that’s because I have a relationship with Him. But ironically, now I blog about the good in the world and the happy times. I no longer blog to escape pent up feelings, but to embrace my life and share it with others. So do me a favor as so many of my friends have encouraged me over the last few weeks – If I’m not blogging, continue to get on my case. I’m probably not wanting to write because I’m discouraged of how I’ve been acting and nobody likes to read a blog about someone who is down on themselves. I’ll be honest, I hate blogging sometimes period. I honestly don’t think my life is  all that interesting, but for some reason you people keep reading. Therefore I owe it to you to make the few minutes you spend on this site worth your time. So, anyway enough of this babble – just thought I should be honest.

But fear not! There is good in all of this silence at! I have officially become domesticated! I have learned that it is important to clean and keep up on it. During the times I have been stressed out about staying at home, I have conducted a scientific test that if I keep the house in order, less stress is induced! This is scientific fact! A few days ago I spent an entire Jackson nap period cleaning the house head to toe and IT FELT WONDERFUL! I felt as if I had climbed my own personal Mount Everest. I’m strangely getting excited about the fact of keeping our new home in Carmel clean. I know, it’s scary. It’s sick I’m even saying that. Thankfully I have a wife who has been happy with the hard work I have put in and she has found time to remind me that I am doing a good job and that it’s okay to have bad days (or weeks) at times.

I want to reiterate, I am excited to be moving to Indiana and my attitude is starting to adjust. This next week will be crazy as we get ready to move, but we will get through it. The support from everyone has been amazing. Our friends threw us a little going away party over the weekend and it’s exciting to see how much everyone here cares for us. We are going to miss our family, friends, and church so much. But we will visit! I think this Sunday might be our last time at church at NewLife for awhile and that saddens me, but we’ll move on and I’m confident there’s a church out there waiting for us to call home soon.

Last, since it has been awhile for a post, I thought I would take the time today to post a video of our son shaking his groove. This boy can dance!

[flv:/blogvids/dance-jackson-dance.flv 480 320]


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  1. Jill Fisher Avatar
    Jill Fisher

    Notice how he adjust his rythmn to the beat of the music.

    Keep in touch. Love hearing about your family and advantures!!!