Dinner with the Howell’s

One goal I have (well, more so a requirement depending on who you ask in the family) is that I will be cooking most most meals now for our family during the week. As in all reality, it’s only fair to Lindsey that after a long day of work she can come him to a nice cooked meal. The only issue with this goal is that I’m not much of a cook and never have been. But no worries, the NewLife Community Church cookbook is here to say the day and turn me from Ramen Noodle king to Master Chef Howell extraordinaire!

Some time last week I made sweet and sour chicken and tonight I cooked my parents tater tot casserole. Both recipes were met with raving reviews and thumbs up. Though the true credit goes to not I, but the creator’s of the delicious masterpieces. I’m thinking about documenting possibly once a week or month my favorite cooked meal, whether it be from a church cookbook or one of my own creations. This should be fun!

I will keep this post short tonight, but I had a pretty nice day with Jackson. I think our family is finally back at 100% health. So same old. Anyway, I promise I’ll have longer posts down the road as life with the Howell’s has continued to be very eventful and full of surprises!

3 responses to “Dinner with the Howell’s”

  1. The McEacherns Avatar

    Please post your favorite recipes on the blog, too. I’m always in dire need of some food variety around here!

    Unrelated, how old is Jackson?

  2. Scott Avatar

    Haha, I plan too. Maybe I’ll post the Tater Tot Casaroule soon. It was easy to make, but I love it! 🙂

    He’ll be 30 months next week. How old is Isabel?

  3. The McEacherns Avatar

    She was 27 months the day we took her from the orphanage, and she hits 3 and a half on Sunday.