Cleaning, not my strong suite.

I will say by starting, the house is picked up at the time of this writing. However, cleaning around the house truly is not my strong suite. It doesn’t help the fact that our dishwasher is broke. Don’t worry, this is a common circumstance at our apartment. Our washer works for a little bit, then slowly gets clogged up after a month or less of use. I can’t tell what’s keeping it from draining though this time.

Anyway, part of the duties of being a Stay at Home Dad is being a homemaker and I don’t think I quite have it down yet. I’ve never enjoyed cleaning, and quite frankly I’m a little bit lazy when it comes time to do it. Just ask Lindsey, I’m sure she won’t argue the fact. There’s always a mess to be cleaned up or dishes to be done, or something to vacuum. I can definitely do all of these things – it’s just finding the motivation to be on top of all of it. I’m trying to keep my motivation based on that if I was the one working, I would want a clean house when I came home. So that’s helping a bit. I’ll get better at this.

Another slight thing I’m still adjusting to is the need for me to be the one to handle matters that come up during the day that Lindsey would typically take care of. For instance, if I can’t get the dishwasher to work, I need to call the maintenance guy. I’ve yet to do that. Easy tasks, but that’s always been her thing. She deals with it. Instead of getting tasks done I try to get enough man time as I can during Jackson’s nap time.

Granted, I shouldn’t be so hard on my self. I’ve only been doing this for two weeks now, and I think I’ve done a lot of good too. Jackson is napping much better and no longer cries when it’s bed time, and he hasn’t gone “ca ca” in his diaper in over a week! Haha. See there are plusses. I’m probably a lot better at this than I think. Also, I need to work on things that benefit myself as well. I really want to read more than a chapter of the Bible a day. I need more direction in that area and probably a good devotional study, but it’s hard to keep myself motivated.

So, I’m learning this stay at home deal. It hasn’t been all bad. I’m a lot less stressed than I used to be, and the rewards of spending time with my favorite guy is worth everything. For instance, we had fun playing in the snow today. And yes, that’s Jackson wearing two different gloves. That’s what happens when you leave me in charge! 🙂

Papa.. these don't match.

Taking a break from here for the weekend again. Lindsey and I are treating ourselves to our first date  since we’ve been back from Ukraine. We’re going to see Stomp Saturday night and go out for a nice dinner. Can’t wait!

3 responses to “Cleaning, not my strong suite.”

  1. Lindsey Avatar

    As your supervisor, I must tell you that I think you are doing an excellent job! And I really like your sweet and sour chicken that you made for dinner 🙂

    Keep up the great work! I love you!


  2. Mom Avatar

    I was wondering what Lindsey thought. Thank you Lindsey for leaving your comment. I’m pretty PROUD of him too, so is his Dad. Of course we are very proud of the both of you …… Love, Mom H

  3. The McEacherns Avatar

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job. I have a hard time getting motivated to clean. Inviting friends over always lights the fire though!