Lions and tigers and alligators… Jackson goes to the circus!

Today was a fun day with our son!  We learned the hard way that Jackson is no longer scared when he wakes up in the morning and he feels comfortable getting out of his suitcase and exploring the apartment by himself!  Oh my, haha!  We also had to institute the rule that if the sun isn’t up, then neither is Jackson!  Jackson ate more than I did for breakfast.  He’s a growing boy!

We were having trouble getting Jackson to go #2.  He hadn’t gone since sometime before we got him on Friday.  We have him in a diaper all the time, but he’s never dirtied one.  He’s really good at holding it!  We tried a variety of food and tried sitting him on the potty (on which he’ll go #1), but he would just cry and cry and cry.  I think its because he hasn’t used a toilet before and Scott and I are in his face trying to hold him up so that he doesn’t completely fall in.  Just not the best pooping environment.  Finally this afternoon we just sat with him in the bathroom and waited it out with him.  He cried for a while and tried to distract himself with other things in the bathroom, but after a while he gave up.  He took a look at the thing we were trying to get him to go in and then looked back at me and sat down and did his business!  We were so proud of him!

After that, it was about 4:45.  There’s a circus literally across the street from our apartment, but we didn’t know what time it started.  We heard 5 pm, possibly, but we couldn’t verify. on the internet or anything.  We ventured outside to see lots of cars parked all around the building, so we went inside to the ticket window.  It’s really funny that we end up in the places that we do because we have no idea what is being spoken around and to us because of the language barrier.  Somehow we bought tickets and somehow we figured out where our seats were.  We were in the third row!  And it was a sell out crowd, so I’m not even sure how we ended up getting tickets.

Jackson did so well at the circus.  I’m not sure if he really understood what was going on since everything is so new to him.  He just kind of stared at the center of the circle and laughed when everyone else laughed.  Sometimes he would point at things going on and he definitely got his groove on with the music that they played.  We usually put him in the baby backpack whenever we go out.  He likes to face forward in the front and hang there.  I kept in on when we sat down and he never wanted to get out of it.  It was a lifesaver for keeping him in my lap for the entire 3 hour show!

Oh, also, we must have really over simulated him today because he put up no fight to go to bed.  The past couple of nap times and night times he would cry and cry, but tonight he went into the bedroom and laid down in his suitcase with his blanket and book.  Scott was walking out of the room and Jackson blew him a kiss and waved bye!  What a little cutie!

Tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. we are off to the U.S. Embassy. It’s pretty routine we think, so we’re not too worried about it. Off to bed for the night.

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    Family & Friends

    Looks like the Howell FAMILY had fun today 🙂 can’t wait for Thurs. to come. Love you all, Mom and Dad H

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    Family & Friends

    Looks like a good time was had by all at the circus. Good luck tomorrow! See you at christmas!