Back in Kiev, Ukraine.

After a long night before of packing and trying to adjust to being “parents”, we got on the train early this morning at 7 A.M. and started the six hour journey back to Ukraine’s capital city. We spent a lot of time in Jackson’s home city and we will miss that place, even if there really wasn’t much to do outside of the orphanage visits. We will even miss the long walks to McDonalds and our favorite pizza place, and even the trips to the grocery store where we had to lug waters jugs clear across town. I know for at least the two of us, we will miss our walks alone through the city. As well, all of our rides to the orphanage with Valentino and our friends Shai and Carmit will now just be memories, but were full of fun conversations we will remember and laugh about later in life for years to come. We’ll miss you Kharkiv!

It was almost emotional getting on the train this morning and saying goodbye to Tatyana and Valentino. They both gave us really big hugs and wished us well. Jackson behaved pretty well, but Lindsey and I took turns not feeling so well. With so much going on and having little sleep, a bumpy train rain wasn’t the best. But we made it, and good old Uncle Niko was there to meet us and after getting some photos taken of Jackson for the Embassy, he dropped us off at our new apartment for the next four nights. It’s actually right down the road from our old apartment here and is facing the same mall across the street. Once we get settled in we put Jackson down for a nap (and ourselves). After that we went to our old grocery store we used to visit. Jackson liked riding in the cart! After we got back we had dinner, played some more and soon we’ll be off to bed.

We’re trying to think of activities to do while we are here. We might go to the circus later in the week, so that could be a lot of fun. For now though, we rest and hope to get Jackson on some sort of routine if that’s even possible. But, our little guy really is doing so well! Here’s some more pictures from today.