Another day with Action Jackson..

I’ll keep this short today, as this night has flown by fast and we’re about ready to call it a night. We have found a couple of new ways to keep us entertained. We had been renting some shows and movies off iTunes, like we did tonight, but we also learned that the “English Club TV” channel which teaches Russians and Ukrainians English throughout the day, also shows one English movie each evening and in the morning. And they are actually pretty good movies too. We’re casually watching 16 Blocks, a movie with Bruce Willis. Any movie in English is a relief when you are over here as long as us!

I believe we have five more regular visitations with Jackson before we can grab that boy out of the orphanage. Our ten day waiting period is over on Tuesday, November 9th, but we realized that day we will be grabbing paperwork and then on Wednesday we have the option of taking Jackson out of the orphanage or later when we leave for Kiev. But we will plan to take him out as soon as we can which should be Wednesday, November 10th. We are going to throw a going away party and buy a cake and stuff for all of his friends in his groupa. That should be an exciting day, but it will be interesting to see how Jackson responds once we get in a car and take him back here to our apartment for a few days. Those first few days of official parenthood should be interesting as our apartment is definitely not child proof, but I’m sure we will learn to manage.

Today’s visit with Jackson was in the afternoon. His new clothes we got him have already been swapped with the infamous Painter Bear and overalls attire. Jackson was full of energy today and really kept us on our toes. He was really testing us by misbehaving tonight, but I think we’re slowly and surely showing him we are an authority over him and not just a playmate. He pouted a lot tonight when he was really upset with us taking toys away that he was hitting things with. He even did his extravagant “fake cry” act. We have yet to see any real tears come out. A sad reality is that most orphans don’t cry, because when they cried when they were younger they eventually stopped because no one was there to fill their needs which is why kids cry in the first place. But little Jackson is trying to real hard to muster up some real tears for us when he’s upset. Give him time. 🙂

Back to a morning visit tomorrow. The change in schedule every other day makes life at least a little bit more interesting! Here’s a pic of the three of us today. This is the best shot we could get, it only took us about 30 shots to get this one. Jackson hates our flash! We put this shirt on him just for the picture.

The Howell Family!

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    Family & Friends

    What a great family pic! Could be a potential X-mas card?! We love and miss you and can’t wait for the Howell family to return to Columbus.

    Mom & Dad B.

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    Family & Friends

    Awwwwww ….. First FAMILY picture, I agree with Mom and Dad B …… Christmas perfect …. Love, Mom and Dad H

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    Family & Friends


    Chris and Carrie Ann 🙂