A breakthrough in our marriage 🙂

When I was growing up, eating leftovers was a common occurrence.  No need to fix a new meal if there was still some left from the night before.  Right?  Well, after Scott and I got married, I realized that not everyone had this same outlook as I did.  Whenever leftover night would come up in our house, Scott would just kind of mumble.

Tonight here in Kharkiv, it was dreaded leftover night.  But, something amazing happened- not only did Scott happily eat the leftover chicken, he even finished the portion on my plate that I couldn’t!  This has NEVER happened before!  Maybe my cooking is improving here in Ukraine??  Or is he just getting tired of the limited cuisine and my special treat of mixing chicken breast, rice, and soup in a cup seasoning really enticed his taste buds!

Well, really, that’s all the news that we have for today- we are pretty boring people!  Jackson was his normal self today during our visit.  We were practicing saying “Please” when he was eating grapes, but then he regressed into whining for another one.  We took them away and he got really mad at us!  But overall, another nice visit. Just five more to go!