Mmmm, I’m lovin’ it!

Scott and I are sitting outside McDonalds eating McFlurries 🙂  Actually, McFlurry and Big Mac and McNuggets are the only things in english, so our menu might be limited to those items when we decide to eat out.  the McFlurries are all KitKat flavor and you have your choice of syrup- caramel, raspberry, strawberry, or chocolate.  There is wifi internet here at McDonalds and Tatiana is working on getting it in our apartment.  So, we are not sure how the internet situation will be while we are here in Kharkiv.

Oh man, Scott is looking up the Buckeye score on his Ipod and he realized that they lost.  He might be in a bad mood the rest of the day!

Tatiana and Valentino picked us up this morning and took us grocery shopping.  We are pros at this thing now.  Most of the food is fresh, so people go to the store every couple of days.  The bread doesn’t have preservatives in it, so we’ve been warned that it molds easily.  It’s fun to buy fruit and vegetables at the store!  You take them to a scale and type in their UPC code and it prints out the weight and price that you stick on the bag yourself.  Also, grocery bags cost money at the store.  About 1 Ukrainian dollar, which is about 12 cents.

Nothing else really going on.  I think our apartment smells like old lady, but I really like how historic it looks.  A child is crying because they didn’t want to leave McDonalds, same as America!  Also, both times that we went to McDonalds, there has been NO seats, it’s a poplar place!

Tomorrow is the big day that we get to meet the little one.  Pray that things go smoothly, that the child is in a good mood, and that we can make the right decision!

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  1. Family & Friends Avatar
    Family & Friends

    So glad you guys made it safe and sound!! We are in Dnipropetrovs’k now. I’m not all that impressed with our accomodations, but it’s ok. This city is MUCH different than Kiev!! We get to go see our little man tomorrow too. I can’t wait to hear all about your meeting with your little one! And of course, see pics! 🙂

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    Family & Friends

    Ooops… guess I should sign my name before I hit send! LOL In case you didn’t know… this is Mel…and that one above was too! 🙂

  3. Scott Avatar

    Haha, Hi Mel! I just got our internet to work here. Kharkiv is different as well. But the big pluses are that McDonalds and a grocery store are in close proximity. We wish you best of luck tomorrow, we are so excited for you! And we too can’t wait to see pics as all three of you as a family. Congratulations!

    -Scott & Lindsey

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    Family & Friends

    I’m so excited for you guys! I hope things go well for you and the little one tomorrow.

    -Cassie Joines

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    Family & Friends

    HAPPY 2nd. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY …… WE LOVE YOU ….. What a wonderful DAY …. Mom and Dad H

  6. Family & Friends Avatar
    Family & Friends

    Just remember, God is with you the whole way …. our prayers are with you … Love, Mom and Dad H ….. If the child is in a bad mood, maybe it’s an OSU fan too …..

  7. Family & Friends Avatar
    Family & Friends

    I keep checking four or five times a day to hear about your adventure. You are so blessed. Have a great day and hug the little one for me. By the way happy 2nd anniversary!

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    Family & Friends

    From Rich and Brenda, I guess I should sign my post also! LOL