Arrived in Kharkiv!

Hi, Everyone! It is really late here, but after a long six hour train rain we are safe in our new apartment in Kharkiv, Ukraine! I will make this short tonight, as it’s really late. (though I wish I could stay up to watch the Buckeyes with you guys – kick off in what, 15 minutes?) Anyway, we actually haven’t been hooked up with internet yet, but we are being taken on Monday sometime to the electronic store to see if there’s a solution for my netbook that they say is very inexpensive. However, I managed to snag a wi-fi connection on the far right of our apartment that seems to be working pretty good for the most part, as long as I don’t leave this room!

With that, I will leave you with a quick video of our new apartment where we will be spending the next several weeks. We love it! We saw a McDonalds in quick walking distance on the way here. 🙂 Last, we have been confirmed by our newest facilitator/translator Tatiana that we will visit the orphanage on Monday! As she put it, the sooner we give her a verbal acceptance of this referral, the better so she can proceed with our case and get us on the judge’s docket. I know you are all very anxious to here about our little one, but it is best that we see the child first and just make our decision then. Although, God has shown us very many signs, and I mean literal signs that this child just might be meant to be ours! As soon as we accept we promise to let everyone know the details! Good Night from Kharkiv!

[flv:/blogvids/oct16.flv 470 310]

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  1. Family & Friends Avatar
    Family & Friends

    Yay! No more Shower Mis-haps! 🙂 I’m sure Scott will find something else to make us laugh. Hee hee!

    Love you!

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    Family & Friends

    Just watched the video, NICE apt. You two look like you are having the time of your life. Tomorrow will be a very exciting day for you … What a WONDERFUL way to spend your 2nd. Wedding Anniversary …. God Bless, Love, Mom and Dad H