Moratorium on Ukraine Adoptions Postponed! (link to results included)

If you’re currently in the process of adopting from Ukraine I’m sure you have been aware of a vote that was to take place today, a moratorium to put on hold international adoptions. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the purpose was for various reasons, and I won’t speculate here, but just google “Ukraine Adoption Vote” and you can learn more details.

Regardless, many families have been praying that this bill would not pass. Although we ourselves first heard rumors of the result on blogs earlier today, I can confirm that the vote was postponed! To see for yourself, visit the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine website by visiting this link:

This link will automatically translate the page into English for your convenience. Just scroll down to the bottom and you can see that the bill has been postponed for consideration. How long is unknown, but the word on the street is that it could be several months or longer before it comes up again (or indefinitely). So, Praise God for this exciting news today! Many people felt this wouldn’t pass as this bill apparently comes up a couple of times a year, but for now we can all take a deep breath and rejoice that orphans can still be reunited with loving families.

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    Praise God! ♥

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