Dossier submitted! Awaiting our Travel Date.

(Update 9/17/10: Today we received official confirmation from CWA – our dossier was in fact registered yesterday with the SDA in Ukraine!)

I suppose it’s safe to say our dossier was submitted today! No official word from anyone, but today was the date. We’ve known for six months that today would be our submission date for our completed dossier. With that said, we weren’t really expecting CWA to contact us to remind us. But – no news is good news, as this also means so far no report of any documents being wrong, or needing corrected, etc. So now we wait on pins and needles for a call or an email from our caseworker with our travel date. We could find out anywhere from a few days to a week or two. Thank you everyone for your prayers today, it meant a lot. As soon we know anything we will let everyone know. I also wanted to share a picture I took on my phone while driving home from work today during the tornado warnings. I guess it’s kind of corny for me to post a picture of a rainbow. But this was a beautiful rainbow and I thought it was pretty cool to see one on this day. Sadly, it was not a double rainbow. 😉