Dossier complete and in Ukraine!

IMG_0511Exactly one year to the date we signed our first agency agreement, on August 13th, our full completed dossier was translated and UPS’ed over to Ukraine. All that’s left is to wait. In less than a month on September 16th our paperwork will be presented in front of a judge in Ukraine, and God willing, soon after we should know our travel date.

It’s been a crazy last couple of months, which I’ll use for an excuse for not updating this blog for awhile. We definitely had some highs and lows during the last portion of our paperwork, but things did work out. Originally, we had to get all of our paperwork complete and to our agency at CWA on July 16th, however a week or so before that date we scanned and sent in a pdf of all of our documents for review, only to find out that nearly every document had to be redone! It was devastating. It turned out that we didn’t sign our full  middle names in all of our documents. As a heads up for anyone working on their dossier – make sure that your name matches your passport exactly. If the printed name on your passport shows your middle name, make sure you always have that in your documents whether or not you are referring to yourself, or if someone is referring to you in a document. For example, Lindsey and I had to get our employment letters redone because our companies did not refer to us with our middle names. Luckily for us though, just about this time, CWA shorted the amount of time they needed to translate the papers, giving us until August 16th, instead of July 16th, to turn everything in. On August 2nd after running around downtown all morning and getting everything authenticated and apostilled, we emailed our documents a second time. We were good!

The next day I FedEx’ed everything to CWA to get our documents translated and soon after as I said above, we found out our documents were on the way to Ukraine! We are now patiently waiting for our registration date of September 16th to pass. After that date we should learn our travel date which should be about four to six weeks out. We’re anxious to get this show on the road and pray that we get a travel date in October. We’ve been catching up on blogs and it seems like a lot of people are getting their travel dates about a month after their registration date. We did pre-register for Ukraine, which CWA is no longer offering, so hopefully that will speed this process up a bit.

We are in this weird spot where there’s not much more we can do, but enjoy our last couple of months of being without a child and get ready for our travel. God has been very good to us, and has provided all of the finances to pay our last agency fee! We’re not sure how we’ve managed to save so much money. It truly is a blessing.

This has been such a long journey, but we’re getting closer. Thank you everyone for all of the prayers and support!

2 responses to “Dossier complete and in Ukraine!”

  1. bobby Avatar

    it sure is great that you can learn so much about the adoption process from reading blogs and exchanging info with other people on the internet! see you wednesday, spiderman!

  2. Carrie Ann Avatar

    Awesome. SO CLOSE! We are coming out after Christmas…I can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family! Prayers and love being sent your way!

    Love you both,
    Carrie & Chris
    Cole, Chloe, Jared, Jacob & Titus