Step by Step

Hello again blog world! 

THANK YOU to each and every person who made our “Running With a Purpose” fundraiser possible!  Your love and support helped me complete the race step by step.  There were lots of special memories that I want to share with you and to record to share with our little one when we bring him/her home. 

Scott and I traveled to Indianapolis on Thursday evening and hung out with our niece Reagan on Friday when my sister Janel and brother-in-law Travis were at work.  When they got home, we met my Dad, Mom, and Uncle Steve downtown to pick up our race packets and to carb load during dinner.  We spent the night in a hotel suite that we shared with Dad and Uncle Steve.  There were three beds and a fireplace!  We live the high life, haha- just kidding! :) 

We woke up early Saturday morning and got ready for the race.  The hotel was close to the start line, so we waited until about 15 minutes before the race started to go join the crowds.  If you have never experienced the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, it is an exciting event!  There are about 35,000 participants.  The excitement really builds when all 35,000 of us are squeezed in 10 city blocks and there are beach balls being thrown around the crowd!

So, the most special memories came during the race.  I made a sign and pinned it to my back to acknowledge my motive for doing the race.  It said “Racing to bring home our Ukrainian orphan”.  There were about 15 people who patted me on the back- as they passed me, haha- and wished me luck.  Also, on the fourth mile Scott texted me and told me that we had just gotten all the miles for the race sponsored.  This brought tears to my eyes!  There were three people who even came alongside of me during the race and talked about the adoption process for a couple of minutes.  It was awesome to use this opportunity to spread the message about adoption.

As I was running and panting, and looking forward to sitting down and resting, I came upon Victory Mile- the last mile.  The streets are filled with people cheering you on.  As I was looking at all the racers around me and who did I see, no one else but my Dad!  He had started before me and I had caught up to him on the last mile.  We were able to cross the finish line together, step by step, creating another special memory.

Here’s some pictures from the race.  Enjoy!

IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0197

3 responses to “Step by Step”

  1. Grandma and PapPap Avatar
    Grandma and PapPap

    Lindsey and Scott, You do have some very special moments you are sharing here, and someday that little one will read this and know how much he was loved and wanted by the two of you and all the family. God Bless you on your journey, Love Mom and Dad H

  2. Carrie Ann Avatar

    I love you! I love catching up on your blog. Loved the pic of you and your Dad doing the run pose 🙂

    Carrie Ann

  3. Kelly Raudenbush Avatar

    Do you have an active fundraiser going? Let me know. I’m posting adoption fundraisers on the site — come take a look! Tomorrow’s post going up is about fundraising also–come read it!