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1049theriver On 104.9 The River you will hear “Positive Thoughts” daily which include quotes from listeners like “Share a fact and you touch a mind. Share a story and you touch a soul.” or “love is a verb, and so is forgiveness”. Some of which make little sense or have no practical Truth in them. Here’s an email Lindsey sent out to the radio station:

Hello David,

I think you are a really cool guy.  I enjoy listening to you on the River and to the songs that the station plays.  Recently I have been a part of the Bible study, The Truth Project which is produced by Focus on the Family.  This study opened my eyes up to how our world, government, family, community, and basically, every aspect of our lives is based on Truth.  The Truth being the Word of God.  I have a whole new outlook on everything that is around me.  Either something is Truth, or it is not.  And the things that are not Truth are worthless and will soon pass away like the wind. Truth will reign forever and everything done with that basis of Truth will never go away.

This new outlook I have on Truth in our world has caused some discontent within me about The River.  I came to this radio station with the expectation of receiving Truth through the words that are spoken.  I’m disappointed that the station has committed to giving the listeners The River Positive Thought everyday, but has not committed to reading the words of Scripture everyday on air.  As I stated earlier, words that are not Truth will pass away like the wind, but Truth will last forever.  So, I think my misconception is whether The River classifies itself as a Christian radio station or as a positive station. I’ve tried looking on the website and listening to the other DJs and I realize that the station doesn’t specifically call itself Christian.  I do not intend for this email to be negative, I think I would just like some clarification so that I can know what to expect.

If, indeed, The River is just a positive station, then I’d like to encourage you to keep on being positive. If The River is a Christian station, then I would like to encourage you to speak the Truth and not to be ashamed of it because those are the words that are going to last forever.

Praying for you and The River,
Lindsey Howell

Bloop, Bloop!

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  1. Alyssa Avatar

    while I understand the concept of David’s quote, “forgiveness” is actually an abstract noun.