And so the paperwork begins..

The first big fee is paid, and we are now a client of Christian World Adoption. The reality of what Lindsey and I are undertaking is starting to hit us, though I think it will take a bit longer for it to fully sink in. Shortly after we announced we were adopting we filled out the initial application, which followed by a bigger application, and we participated in an orientation webinar. However, now the real fun starts. Our contract with the agency has been filled out and we’ll be in touch with our Case Manager later this week. She will be our contact person throughout this entire process for this Ukraine adoption. In the mean time CWA has sent us about a dozen emails and a book called “Adoption Parenting” that we will start reading soon. (And yup, there’s a quiz at the end).

Tonight we started filling out some forms for the UCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  Even though we are not close to the actual dossier, as you can see below, we are definitely paper pregnant.


The biggest thing we need to focus on this week will be finding a Home Study provider. A home study is an interview process that takes about six months to complete with a social worker. We don’t have one yet, though I think we’re going to look into whoever Pastor Craig went with. Tonight we also tried to schedule out how we plan on completing all of the training that the agency requires.

That’s about it for now. We don’t have our foot completely in the water yet, but we’ll be diving in any moment now!