Returning from Indiana..

So a lot has been going on you could say. Since the time of my last confession.. I mean my last posting, I have applied for a job over at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car in their management training program. It seems somewhat interesting and the pay is alright, so we’ll see if that is what God has in store for me. I met with them on Thursday morning for an interview. I should know sometime by the end of this week if I’ll be moving onto the next step in the hiring process or not. After the interview the next day I concluded a long 40 hour work week at Wendy’s and was I ever exhausted. It was worth all of the hard work however as this weekend I went up with Lindsey to her sister’s place in Indiana where they were hosting a birthday party for Lindsey’s brother-n-law Travis. The first stop however on Saturday was at a Steak n Shake where we met up with some of Lindsey’s closest friends including Ashli Moore. I really liked her friends, so I’m glad I had the chance to meet them. Good times..

The party was a lot of fun too, even though I knew nobody at all. I did get to meet Lindsey’s parents, as well as her brother, so that was interesting. I really like her family. Hopefully over time, even though there is a distance factor, I’ll get to know them better. I’m hoping they like me! As for today I had my first Sunday off in ages and was able to get to the second service. Somehow I still managed having lunch at Wendy’s, and then ran some errands with Lindsey and we hanged out for a bit. When I got back to the apartment tonight Nate was visiting and myself, Bobby, David, and him played a game of Scrabble and drank some Coronas. Fun Fun.

Off the subject, I removed Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 from my notebook and put Windows XP Professional back on here. Vista just wasn’t doing it for me in this early stage. I hope they work things out. However, I am downloading as we speak the new Office 2007 Beta. My old version of Office XP isn’t letting me activate it anymore. I’m sure I can work that out by calling the activation hotline, but I thought I’d try out the new beta version for kicks. We’ll see if I like it or not. In the mean time.. even though I really really need to go to bed I might watch an episode of LOST before hitting the sack.

Good night my friends..