I need you so much closer.

What’s becoming a trend, is my posts on here turning into such of a semi-weekly event rather than a daily one. This time I’m not going to say that I’m busy. In fact, I’m not. However, for reasons I really can’t explain or even justify, I can’t, nor really feel like posting every event of the day. Mostly because there’s just too much going on anymore, and I’m tired of posting the same saga story about where I am in life every day on here. However, in light of all that- I have one thing keeping my head up. And that’s him.

Labor day weekend has come to a close and I was actually off on the holiday so I got to go to the parade/festival with Rachel, Ryan, and Stephanie. It was an eventful day as the evening concluded at Lindsey’s place where I watched RV and Saw II . I do admit, I feel bad for giving Lindsey a nightmare or two. The next night I hung out with Nic and my roomates at BW3’s, which I guess was last night. Then we had a poker game over here with Lindsey and Rachel. So as far as social bonds and friends go, things are great. There is always something going on at the apartment. For instance, at the present moment Mike Snyder is staying here and that’s a lot of fun. Even if he doesn’t usually come by until after midnight.

Tonight we had Fellowship once again, a continuing Wednesday night tradition for over six months. I needed it tonight. We read scripture that helped somewhat heal our anxiety of a lot of the problems and issues myself and my friends are going through during this time of our life. It really did help. I just want to say that.. I’m forever stuck in what seems to be to me an endless infinite abyss that I can’t seem to crawl out of. Yet each time I think I’ve fallen in for good with no hope of getting out, something good is thrown on my shoulders that isn’t what I was necessarily praying or hoping for.  I believe it’s all in play for the whole sole purpose of finding my own purpose. And as Ryan said, God’s purpose for me might not be to find that job. Not that it makes me want it any less, but regardless I want to find my purpose soon.

I don’t take credit for the infinite abyss metaphor. It was stolen from Garden State which I just got done watching. With that, here’s another moment in history for me concluded.

I need you so much closer.  So come on, come on.