Don’t know how much time has passed..

It’s been a week since my last update. So much has been going on during the last seven days, it really is a shame I can not seem to commit myself to this journal as much as I’d like to. It’s really late now, as you can tell by the time stamp of this post, but I’m really not tired and I’m kind of enjoying just sitting here in the darkness of my apartment in the quiet, while the rest of the roommates are asleep. Since this week is now over, it’s hard for me to remember everything that has happened, or what is going on in my life. However, I’m going to try my best to recall some of the finer moments.

First off, I believe it was earlier in the week that Rachel came over and we played two games of poker with Bobby and Ryan. I won both of them, bringing my win count in this apartment up to four. The guys played last night as well, but I wasn’t around. Other than poker, the highlights I guess include going to small group on Tuesday and hanging out at Kingy’s afterwords. Other than that until this weekend I really can’t remember anything else too exciting that has happened, other than me working. As for this weekend I guess you can say I kept myself busy. On Friday night I went out with Josh, Mike, and Emily and saw comedian Aires Spears at the Funny Bone in Columbus. Some of you might know him from MadTV. I have never been to a comedy club of any sorts, and realized I have been missing out on a lot these past few years. It was a great time, and extremely funny. We ate there as well and had drinks (well I did), and it turned out to be a pretty awesome evening. As for today, I was off and just sat around the apartment all day. I think this was the first day since we moved in I had a day to myself in here. Even though nothing was accomplished, It felt great. I had made plans tonight to head over to Lindsey Bailey’s apartment at the Water’s Edge apartments. I met Lindsey in the past few weeks at Newlife. She just recently started going to the church. She had a get together at her place tonight, but before going I met with Rachel at Harvest Moon for a bit and I got myself some dinner. While at the coffee shop, I ran into the wonderful Amy Snyder who I didn’t even realize was home. So it was really good to see her.

After that though, Rachel and I headed to Lindsey’s and it’s safe to say I had a decent time. The night included such friends from church like Chris, David A., Jared, Jessie, Melissa, and Mike S. We all just pretty much sat around and talked, played a mean game of Uno, and then a few of us watched Corky Romano. Lindsey has an awesome one bedroom apartment. It was really nice and comfortable. I think just the fact that she had matching furniture did it for me. At my place, we have stuff coming from three different people so we have no particular theme going in this place whatsoever. So anyway, I’m glad to have a new friend, as well as building friendships with everyone else that was there. Good times.

As for life in general lately.. I’m doing a lot of soul searching if that makes any sense. Just a lot of thinking and a lot of praying and hoping things turn out good for me. I’m still awaiting my purpose in life, and until I figure that out.. I’m just along for the ride. Hoping for that job to pull through for me so I can actually afford my bills and my part of the rent without having to worry if I have enough money at all times. It’s a little stressful, but I’m getting through it. I can’t wait for this week to start, no matter how it turns out. I’m hoping for the best and I sense that it will be an interesting week at that. With that, I’m going to soon get to bed. Church is in the morning.. and I need my sleep.

Till next time…