It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Apartment life has been somewhat hectic, crazy, and even somewhat annoying lately as us roommates had our first fight. It wasn’t so much as a fight, as that it was a bunch of pent down frustration that had built up over time. But I do admit, I was rather annoyed to wake up yesterday to an entire day of being scolded by my roommates for several small things that were not worth fighting over. Anyway, not terribly too much has happened in the past few days. However, I did end up having breakfast with my mom yesterday at Bob Evens and I guess that was good. Later that night we hung out at Nic and Emily’s place and played games to which afterwords the roommates and I watched a movie with Shelly Grey who came over to visit. Other than that, just keeping busy and working a lot of hours at work, while I try my best to find a new job. I am currently looking into a particular position, however I don’t feel it’s time to dwell into what that might be. Please pray for me that it works out, and if not, that something else is put in my path in it’s place.

I really miss going out on the weekend. Most of the entertainment this weekend has been either at Nic’s and Emily’s or at here, like tonight. At least I got some errands run yesterday which included getting a haircut and some groceries. That’s really it.. just thought I’d post something short. Off to bed soon as church is in the morning; then a full day of work till six.