Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

The time for an update has come, and the only reason you are really getting it is because I had to wash my clothes now, so I could stick them in the dryer before bed, so that I would have my uniform clean in the morning. So thanks to my laziness of not getting it done earlier in the day, you now get a post from your’s truly. I guess not much has happened since my last post, however there are definitely some points that I guess I could share. One being that on Wednesday after going out with the Newlife group to waffle house the night prior, I ended up very sick the next day. I blame it either on Charles who was staying at our apartment who was sick a few days earlier, or the double cheeseburger I had at the waffle house. I guess that’s what I get for not having a waffle. I ended up going to work in the morning feeling very nauseated and ended up throwing up. I was supposed to work until eight that day, however after throwing up every half hour Nikki was nice enough to finally let me go home at four. I spent the entire rest of the day being miserable and sick at the apartment and getting no sleep while becoming dehydrated. It really sucked. The next morning I was supposed to work eleven to three, but even though I was done throwing up I felt terrible and ached because my body had no nourishment for almost 24 hours. I got up about 6:30 that morning on Thursday and just drove back to my parent’s house where I slept and ate a bunch of my mom’s chicken noodle soup little by little. I mean I was really out of it! I didn’t start finally coming to until about six that evening when I got back to the apartment. Which was a good sign, as on Friday I had to work an eleven to eight shift. But by that time I was actually feeling pretty good and it’s safe to say I’m not sick anymore. I’m just going to watch my diet throughout the next few weeks and try to eat healthier.

Last night after work I played Poker with Bobby and our friend Kristen. We played two full rounds and somehow by the grace of God I ended up winning both of them. Today I slept in and that felt great. After just fooling around at my place, I went and saw World Trade Center with my parents during the afternoon. That was a really great movie and was very emotional. I admit, it had me crying a little. I had seen United 93 with Andrew when that came out, but World Trade Center really hit the spot and made you really pour out your feelings for those who died during the terrorists attacks that day. Let me just make a point. If you’ve been watching the news recently you should know that on Thursday thanks to the efforts of the United Kingdom intelligence and our own, they stopped a huge terrorists attack that was going to take place by hijackers of commercial airlines in the United Kingdom that were going to be traveling over to the United States. Some 23 or so individuals were arrested for a plot that included blowing up planes over the Atlantic Ocean. So if anybody wants to argue that our money isn’t being well spent on this war against terrorism, let it  be a reminder that we’re doing the right thing, and because we are doing the right thing we seem to have prevented what could have easily been another 9-11.

That’s about all… tonight not much happened. Ryan had over his girlfriend and two friends. After that Bobby and I were bored out of our minds and to much of our excitement Jessie Craigo was locked out of her apartment, so she came over here. So I watched the 40 Year Old Virgin with her as Ryan played Command and Conquer and Bobby slept. And that brings you to now. I’m really tired so I’m going to hit the sack.

Sweet dreams.. don’t let those bed bugs bite you where the sun don’t shine.