If God is for us, who can be against us?

The weekend has finally wrapped itself to a conclusion, and it was a weekend full of great times and yet some stressful times. Most if not all of the stressful times dealt with Mortal Kombat Online over the weekend, but I think it’s fair to say that the rest of the weekend went well in my “real life”. The weekend started out on Friday on my day off. I call Friday the weekend, and I’m sure nobody will argue that. I spent most of the day just kind of relaxing, but later that night I got to hang out with Dawn again. We had a pretty great time I’d say. Got some drinks and talked for awhile and then saw The Descent. Not a bad move, but it was pretty creepy. Saturday was a little low key as I just worked most of the day. Then today, I got up for church… realized at the end of the service I forget my work pants, headed back to the apartment to get them, and then went to work. Then after work I drove into Lancaster and met up with my parents, my aunt, cousin Alyssa, and PapPap to have pizza and cake for my my grandmom’s birthday earlier in the week. So that was fun.. It also turned out to be Ryan’s birthday today.. so when I got home after catching up with Josh shortly at his house, we all watched (including four AFLBS students Ryan met from church) The Island, which was a great movie!

And yes.. that wraps it up.. Short but sweet.. but that’s my life. Good night. 🙂