May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

It’s time for another entry. I’m finding it really hard to have the motivation to still post on here while I’ve been living in this apartment. It’s not that I’m too busy, it’s just now that I have my own place with two other roommates, there’s always so much going on and a lot of chaotic happenings at all times of the day. But I’m committed to keep blogging my life away simply because I feel good doing it, and I’ve done it for so long. Alright.. so let’s blog shall we? Apartment life is still alright at the moment, though we’re fighting over silly stuff. And not really fighting fighting.. just on each others cases about tiny stuff. But we all love each other so we’ll be fine. We had a really good discussion tonight during our weekly fellowship about where we stand in our current spiritual lives. For some reason I had a hard time talking about it with everyone. I think it’s simply because right now I’m not sure where I stand with my Christian life. I know it’s better than it’s been now than in the last few years, but I do feel like I could be doing so much more if I cared to. That and the fact I simply don’t like talking. For some reason I keep being more of a listener lately. I don’t want to be, but I can never seem to think of anything good to add to the discussions. I don’t know if it’s because I feel I don’t have anything worth saying, or if I just have a problem communicating my message across. I love to write.. I do it fine here… I wish I could talk like I write. That’s another reason why I like to blog so much.

So my life lately… Yesterday was my day off and I got my haircut at Great Clips and headed over to Wendy’s to find Dawn. We were supposed to go out on Monday, but we never were able to get a hold of each other. So we rescheduled for last night and saw Lady in the Water. I enjoyed the movie and had a pretty decent time. I find Dawn rather cool, and enjoy her company. It’s too bad she’s leaving Wendy’s, but as she should be, as she’s starting school again to do what she wants and is going back full time to her doctors office job. I’m sure we’ll continue to hang out though and be friends. We’ll see..

Anyway, really that’s all I got. Ryan’s been sitting over here trying to burn a disc of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 for the past hour so we could all three play a game against each other. He’s having no luck, and I’m getting rather tired. I’m probably headed to bed. I work a quick shift tomorrow till three and will probably head home for a little bit, as my parents are back from their vacation. I really really need to spend some time trying to find jobs again. State Farm never produced anything and I guess that would be as expected. I’m going to try to bother them one more time and see what comes of it. I will get out of this job. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve moved into an apartment this year and didn’t see that happen. That proves anything is possible.

(Quote from top taken from Psalm 19:4 if interested.)