First post on my new Dell notebook…

Bed time will be shortly as I have to get up for church in the morning before heading to work. In the mean time though, it’s once again time to fill in all of my readers of the events of the past day or so. Friday turned out alright for the most part until the evening, but I’ll get into that in a moment. The day started out with Ryan Patenaude. I must admit, I’m very glad that I get to be roommates with him. Simply because he’s a great guy and I will get to spend more time hanging out with him. I went with Ryan to run some errands. Some were for me and some were for him. Our first stop was at State Farm Insurance in Groveport. I was there because I had to pick up my “free” laptop that I got from them due to the lightning storm at my parent’s house awhile back. Yes, the one where it destroyed everything but the kitchen sink including my dad’s computer. I think I’ve already gone into how my laptop wasn’t even at the house at the time, so if you don’t know the story, just know that I got really lucky because they decided to claim my old Dell Inspiron 5100 because of damage in a previous storm. (It overheats ridiculously).

So we picked up my new notebook which is a Dell Inspiron E1505. It has a 15.4 inch widescreen display which is pretty awesome, is much lighter than my old notebook, and doesn’t overheat. So you can say.. I’m quite happy. I’m actually quite fond to the widescreen. I tried out Spider-Man 2 on it yesterday afternoon and it looks beautiful. I couldn’t even watch DVDs on my old laptop anymore because of the overheating issue. I’m having a bitch of a time however getting my files from the old laptop to the new one. For some reason I can’t get shared folders to work over the wireless network and it’s really making me mad. As well, for whatever reason I can’t get the files to burn to a DVD on my old laptop. I’m stuck at the time being. I only have a 256 MB flash drive and I’d rather not spend time getting the files over slowly and slowly by that way, but I might not have a choice. So right now the only thing I got on this laptop is Semagic for updating this journal, mIRC, and AIM Triton. No, I’m not really a fan of AIM Triton. I might switch back to GAIM soon, but I really only use the AIM service so it kind of defeats the purpose of using a multi-instant message protocol software. I also purchased Norton Internet Security 2006 as my virus definitions were way out of date with my 2005 version. Scott Bishop is not a fan of Norton, however I’m just comfortable with it after the years and it hasn’t gave me too much problems. As well, I just want to make sure I keep this notebook virus free. Soon I’ll finally get all of my Mortal Kombat Online files back on here. It’s going to take a few days to get everything set up the way I want it.

Anyway, after picking up the laptop we headed to Ryan’s old place and got some of his personal belongings and then picked up some Peranas for our fish tank ;-). That night was extremely interesting as we played a fun game of ladder golf with David Emch and Nic and Emily Fisher. David Rotch, our hopeful fourth roommate also made a quick presence during the day. Overall it was a good day, but there is definitely some issues Ryan and I have to set down with soon. I don’t want to get into them here, but its time to set the rules of the house. Also I wish I could tell you all of the funny stuff that went on last night with Ryan, Stephanie, Nic, and Emily.. haha.. good times.

I worked all day today and I am beat. Not much going on but looking forward to the fact that I’ll at least be off work by 4. On Monday I think I’m going out with Dawn again. Looks like we’ll be seeing Lady in the Water. Can’t wait – I love hanging out with Dawn! With that, I’m finally going to get in bed. Hope everyone is doing well!