Is this love, or is this life?

I am officially back from Andrew Phillip’s wedding that took place on Saturday, June 10th. I was hoping to get an entry on here earlier about all of the fun, however I have just been extremely tired the last couple of days since I’ve been home. The wedding honestly went without a problem. It was a great time and I’m really glad I got to be a part of it as one of the best men. The weekend started out on Saturday as I drove up to Cincinnati to meet Andrew at Amy’s house at around eleven. I came early to help Amy and her family get ready for the last minute arrangements that needed to take place. I had never met Amy’s family before, but I think its safe to say they are all great, including Amy’s sister Anna. At noon we all met up at Men’s Warehouse and picked up our tuxes and then went out to lunch with a few of Andrew’s cousins that were in the wedding party. After that I got to hang out with just Andrew and Amy for most of the afternoon while we ran some last minute errands at K-mart and Radio Shack. Once all the last minute purchasing was done we all headed to the wedding rehearsal at the church and it went pretty well. That only lasted for like a half hour and from there we drove to Porkopolis for the rehearsal dinner. The restaurant is under new management, and has that crazy name, but the food was very good. I had like Prime rib, a baked potato and some really yummy cheesecake. Andrew actually wasn’t feeling that well after dinner so he ended up going to sleep early in his parents room. I think his nerves was just getting to him to be honest. So that night we drove to the hotel across the border in Kentucky and I stayed in a room with his brother Tory, his cousin Kent, and his friend Bill who came out of town for the wedding. We had a few beers and watched Sopranos, then called it a night as we were all beat.The wedding itself went fairly well. Andrew felt fine. About a half hour before the service started I got to spend some time with Andrew alone and have a cool talk with him before he got married. We reminisced about old times and I helped calm his nerves. Below is a picture of a few of us waiting for the wedding to start. From left to right: (Tory, myself, Chris, Andrew)

After the wedding we all took a stretch limo to the reception across the border again. It was a great time to say the least! It really was a fun time and the food was good. There was also a lot of fun dancing and all that fun stuff. I was somewhat disappointed when Mary Holmgren, Amy’s friend, left early. I was teamed up with her in the wedding. She was pretty cool, but she will probably never know that I thought that… After the reception I headed to a casino with my parents and lost some money. So all in all, it was a very fun weekend! Don’t forget that another best friend of mine, Nic Fisher got married to Emily on Saturday too. I wish them the best!

As for Sunday night.. I had a lot of fun after the drive home from Cincinnati! I went to a benefit show for David Emch at Harvest Moon and also went out to Hive Five in Columbus and saw Mike Snyder and his band One Life Lost, with my friends Bobby, Rachel, and Amy. It was a great show. As for Monday, nothing too exciting happened yesterday, however I did have a somewhat interesting evening tonight. I started the night by hanging out at Harvest Moon and then going to Bible Study, which I missed last week. Eric had a very interesting conversation this week as we talked about dating, our thoughts on dating, and what we all thought about dating people in general, and what we felt about what God wants in our life when it comes to dating. Fairly interesting, as Eric mentioned how he was glad this group wasn’t becoming a dating service, though I think he needs to realize it’s bound to happen when the group is full of single Christian guys and girls. But yeah.. he did make a good point that God wants us to be patient with love, and I’ve really needed help with that this year. So it was a pretty good message today that I probably needed to hear.

After group, one of my new friends Joni gave me a ride to Dairy Queen where we met up with Rachel, Jared, Chris Seeley, Melissa, and.. Julie? That was pretty fun and I feel like I’m starting to make some more new friends which is awesome. I think a few of us are going to go bowling on Friday night. I suck at bowling, but it should be fun. After that Joni took me and Rachel back to Harvest Moon where our cars were parked and I called it a night. So yes.. that’s my weekend and the last couple of days. I apologize for rambling on too much. If you are still reading by this point, I salute you, and apologize that you haven’t found something far more interesting to do with your time.