Watch out before I stab you with this fpoon.

Tired again.. so I’ll make this short. Last night after work Bobby was to meet me after work so we could pick up Nic’s wedding present. Bobby ended up calling Nic and to my surprise Nic was with Bobby when he arrived to meet me. So since he was there.. Nic just helped us pick the best gift off the registry that he really needed and we got him that on our behalf, as well as Josh and Mike’s. However, Josh and Mike were a little upset that Nic came along and we picked up the gift like that, but what’s done is done I guess. I feel a little bad, but I didn’t know Nic was coming and once he was there it was a little too late. After that though, I headed to Nic’s apartment and we hung out with Emily for a little and played some Goldeneye. I also made a call to Andrew, and we got a little more figured out for Friday when I drive up to Cincinnati.

As for today. Worked another long shift till eight again and met up with Mike, Josh, and Dawn (one of my co-workers) who I invited along to see The Omen. It was an alright movie. I did however jump several times and felt like an idiot, much to Dawn’s enjoyment. After that I stopped and got some dinner at Wendy’s while Josh Nicodemus was cleaning up for our SOE tomorrow night. Not going to be fun. With that said, I’m going to head to bed because I have my last 11-8 shift tomorrow. After work, I’m packing for the trip to Cincinnati the next morning.

Also, on a sad note one of my old co-workers Tanya died a few days ago. She was the sister of my old manager Candace. Tanya wasn’t that incredibly older than I, and her death was a tragic surprise. I really enjoyed having a chance to work with her for a couple years. She was a really fun person. It’s sad to see her time was up so soon, and that she had to leave two kids behind. Geoff from work mentioned her funeral was today. My prayers are out to Candace and her other sister Cindy during this difficult time.