Life would be much easier if I had the source code.


Seriously, that’s just about how I feel at the moment. I’m really tired, but there is just too much crap turning around in my head of mine to actually get sleep at the moment. Things aren’t bad though, it’s just I’ve been really busy and with the days only so long I can’t seem to find time to get what needs to be done accomplished. I work till 8 the rest of this week until Friday, when I will be driving down to Cincinnati for Andrew’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. Yes, all of the weddings are coming and going. Getting married is definitely the thing to do this summer. Some acquaintances of mine, as I wasn’t actually invited,  include Dana and AJ who were married last month, and Adam Leu and Jessie Snow who were married just over the weekend. This Saturday’s is Andrew’s, which I’m one of the best men.  (His first being his brother Tory). I’m really looking forward to that, but will be sad that I won’t be able to go to Nic and Emily’s wedding as well. This last weekend did go well however, as Nic was nice enough to invite me along to a little wedding party get together at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, since I was originally the best man. So that was fun as I go to hang out with Nic’s brothers, Emily, Kirsten and Laura. Bobby was there too, but I see him everyday. With weddings also comes gifts, so I’ve been stuck with having to purchase two gifts for this weekend. Late after work tonight I managed to sneak into Bed, Bath and Beyond and get Andrew and Amy their gift off their registry, where I then later met up with Bobby and headed to Wal-mart and checked out one of Nic’s short registries he had there. Nothing really caught out eye that was special there though. So, I told Bobby he’s in charge of finding something nice.

So yes… weddings. Such a fun time.. I can’t imagine getting married. I’m sure I’ve said that before on here. I could imagine dating, but I’ve been imagining that for quite some time. Anyway, that’s it. Working the rest of the week… will try to stop by Newlife’s group tomorrow. Honestly though, I’m just waiting for Friday to come. I can’t wait to meet everyone in the wedding party!