It’s the simple things that make us laugh.

Man, June has finally come. For some reason that is very exciting to me. Maybe it’s because of all of the wedding madness going on for my friends, or maybe it’s because my birthday is next month. I’m not sure. I’ve been out of school nearly a year, and so much little has changed from what I thought would, yet so much has changed for things I didn’t expect. I just have this gut feeling though June is going to be my month. I’m not sure exactly why, and I don’t think I’ll know the reason why until it happens. I just have that feeling.. We’ll see.

I only got home just in the last hour of writing this entry. I didn’t expect to stay out this late, nor intended to for that matter. I’ll briefly start with yesterday though as the events were somewhat fun. Started off the night after work at the coffee shop with Jacqui, Rachel M. and Jared. I did the whole Newlife group thing again after that, but then went out with a bunch of friends and got dinner at Shades so that was a lot of fun. I made a new friend named Mark who was new to the group that night and rode with him as I gave him directions to Shades, so that was neat. Overall, a fun evening I’d say. As for the events of tonight, after a pretty stressful day at work I headed over to the coffee shop again where I met up with Bobby. The Bloom Carroll Jazz band was playing when I got there. It’s weird because I only recognize a few people from that band now. I’m guessing in a year I won’t know anybody in the band anymore. Bobby and I quickly left for Peace Lutheran though where we had to meet our kids for group. Bobby took charge in Ryan’s absence and did an awesome job, as I stood guard as a disciplinary factor. The kids were really good though tonight. After that it was back to the coffee shop where we talked to Rachel Chinn, Chase, and Makalya  After close Bobby, Makayla and I stopped briefly over at Wendy’s because we were all hungry, so I scored everyone up with some free food. We then hung out at the church for a little bit, but Bobby and I soon left for David Rotch’s place. Him and Ryan made it back from their vacation in New Hampshire tonight, so Ryan needed a ride back to his car which was at his girlfriend’s Stephanie. So we hung out with David and Ryan for awhile, and after that Bobby, Ryan, and myself sat around outside Harvest Moon until about 2 am just talking about stuff. .mostly guy stuff. Heh.. it was fun. We like to do that every once in awhile. You know, to just sit around and just talk about the crazy things in life.

And that leaves me where I’m at now. I’m extremely busy this week and Andrew’s wedding is coming up close. I need to call him tomorrow so we can try to hang out one last time before he gets married on the 10th. My day off is coming up on Saturday and I got a few things I really want to get done that day, like get a haircut for the wedding, etc. Hopefully I’ll have time to get everything done. I also need to pay my bills tomorrow, or I’m going to be late on some of them. Anyway, that’s about it. I really do blog a lot, and especially lately. I guess that’s a good thing. I’ll appreciate it more and more down the road. Plus, if anybody actually reads this I’d be thrilled. I’m probably just talking to myself. It’s ok. Well.. bed time for me.. Night!

That’s a wrap.