“Get off the tee!, you can’t drive on the tee!”

Well I’ve got a little spare time today so I thought I’d finally get a quick post up on here from the events of last Saturday. We had Nic’s bachelor party, and it was a blast! The day started off early, when Bobby met me at my place where we later ended up picking up Nic and then heading to The Andersons in Brice where we got all the alcohol for the night.. I think we got like close to $40 worth of beverages.. lol. From there we headed back to my place where Josh and Mike met us and we walked over to the golf course. I still owe Bobby money… that reminds me. Anyway, once we were at Pine Hill, Nic’s brothers Chris and Adam met up with us and we split up into two teams and rented a bunch of golf carts and went on our way. We all realized we suck at golf. However, by the grace of the man above, I didn’t do as terrible as I thought I would, and I ended up getting a par for my team. We played “Best Of”, so the game went a little quicker. However, Josh, Mike, and Bobby’s game was taking forever and we were trying to keep together, which made us only golf like 5 holes in like four hours. It was ridiculous! Haha.. We had a blast though, even when mine and Nic’s old GM from Wendy’s grandfather who worked there, kept yelling at us for riding our carts off the path, and playing too slow. It was really hot out that afternoon, so we eventually just gave up and headed back home and we all changed. Then Nic, Bobby, and I drove back to Ryan’s church where we stole my games back I brought for the 30 hour famine a few weeks ago, and then met everybody back at Nic’s new apartment. From there we all went out to dinner at Max & Ermas, minus Adam. Dinner was great.. I even got mine free because I had to wait 5 minutes for mine to come out because they forgot it somehow. After that… we headed back to Nic’s apartment once more where we played some video games including Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Goldeneye on Nintendo 64, listened to music and drank our hearts away. Later in the evening Heath and Kandace stopped by for a few minutes and then it was about time to go home. It was a long day.. but very fun. Now that I’m no longer in the wedding and can’t make it, I’m glad I at least was able to participate in the bachelor party!

The next day.. I felt alright. Maybe a little hungover, but that night I felt kind of sick and I couldn’t sleep for most of the night. That sick feeling carried over to yesterday when I stepped into work. I was miserable. I’m starting to feel better today so I’m hoping whatever it is will pass. Not much else going on. I finally saw the Da Vinci Code.. thanks Mike, Josh, and Emily. Also, I was called into work this morning from 11-2, which I did only because I need the hours with Andrew’s wedding coming up. As for now, I’m probably about to hit the shower and later tonight I’m headed to the coffee shop and then to Newlife’s bible study.

Andrew Phillips wedding is very close… same day as Nic’s. I’m very excited for it though, and can’t wait to get up there and be a best man! Also, word from Eric Flood came yesterday that he’s now engaged to Stephanie! Awesome! In other news, Josh and me are starting to pick out our thirteen cats that we will spend all of eternity with. 😉