Today is gonna be F-U-N!!

I had a fun time last night.. The whole gang got together and we went out and saw X-Men The Last Stand. I thought it was a pretty great movie. I talked to Joey earlier on the internet last night, and he was disappointed. Personally though, I thought it was fun. Make sure if you see it however, that you wait until after the credits for a nice surprise. After that Bobby and I stopped by Harvest Moon and helped Amy Snyder close. After we got done, we just sat and talked and waited for about an hour, as Rachel was meeting Amy to go hang out. We had a fun conversation to say the least. I then went home.. watched another episode of Six Feet Under, then headed to bed.

Today however will be a blast as in a few hours we’ll be starting off the day for Nic’s bachelor party. Since I’m not even going to be at his wedding, I’m going to try to have as much fun as I can. We’re starting the day off by golfing at Pine Hill.. which is rather interesting because only a couple of us have actually golfed in our lifetime. I can see the golf coarse from my window here, so everyone is meeting over at my place at around 2:30 to start the day. Anyway, that’s it for this update for now. In a few minutes Bobby is meeting me here and we are going out to get all the alcohol for tonight. I work tomorrow and did plan on going to church, but we’ll just have to see if that happens or not. I think I might end up drinking tonight after we go out for dinner, and the last thing I want is a hangover at church. Yuck.

Anyway.. that’s it for now. Need to get ready!