Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Another busy week it has been. I had yesterday off, and I did end up not going to the second interview with Aflac. I read a lot about it on the internet and it was solely based on commission and that’s just not the type of job I’m looking for. So I figured I’d call it off now before I lead them on any further. However, I’m still looking into this one lead that Rachel Chinn was telling me about. She says she’ll get back to me in a few days with more information. I’m up for anything at the moment as long as it pays about $10-12 an hour. Bobby’s busy looking for a place for us; we just need the jobs to afford it. Please let that happen.. Yesterday we got a new cat.. which my family is “catsitting” for my sister. She adopted the cat from a family in Columbus, and will be picking it up next month. It’s a Siamese cat and her name is Kasha. However, she is really shy.. and just spends the entire day in hiding.. We can’t figure her out. She seems really scared.

Last night was fun. I went out to dinner at Kingy’s with some of my old girl friends (note, two words) from high school including Jacqui Long, Katy Cornell, Jessica Dufner, and Tiffany Rogers. Jacqui I run into quite frequently as she’s now home for the summer and has been going to Newlife, but I haven’t seen any of the other girls in at least a year. So it was good to catch up and see them. We all had a pretty great time. After that I headed over to Emily’s apartment and Bobby and me helped move stuff from her apartment to her’s and Nic’s new apartment that was right down the road in the same development at Abbey Trails. Then today was just a short easy day at work, and from there I met up with Bobby and a few other friends from Newlife at the coffee shop. Group was ok tonight – Jacqui brought Katy so I got to catch up with her for a little bit more after seeing her last night. After bible study ended I headed back to Harvest Moon and I stayed after close and hung out in the dark and talked with Bobby, a new friend named Rachel, Chase, and Makayla. We had a pretty fun conversation and then I headed back home.. where I’ve been all night..

I’m just going to try to hold my breath and get through the next couple of days. I work two nine hour shifts in a row, so my next two days are pretty much shot. However it will all be worth it when Nic’s bachelor party comes up on Saturday!

So many people are getting married.. it’s crazy. What’s going on?