“Bobby.. I can hear the outside too easy.”

I’m sitting here and I barely remember what I did this weekend. I’ve finished up the Da Vinci Code novel, but have yet to see it in theaters. I was looking forward to it all day yesterday, but the movie was sold out when myself, Mike, and Josh got there and nobody wanted to stay up and see the 9:45 showing. So, I’m hoping to see it somehow later this week.. If you want to see it with me let me know.. really. Most of last night ended up just hanging out at Josh’s and playing several rounds of Mortal Kombat: Deception. I’m surprised, I’m actually not quite bad at the game as I thought. You’d think I’d be decent I guess considering the site.

Well, today was another long shift at work. The day started out at Newlife. I thought Jacqui was showing up, but she didn’t make it so I was alone this morning. No worries, I still enjoyed myself. I’ve usually been catching the later service with Bobby, but Wendy’s keeps pulling me back into working on Sundays. Going to church might have just been worth it this morning for more reasons than one. While I was there I had a conversation with my friend Rachel Chinn and she told me about an office job she was going to take with a metal company I believe, in downtown Columbus where you work in front of a computer all day. She knows people that works there and says I should work there too. Apparently they pay about $12 or somewhere around that ballpark and thinks I can easily get the job. So I’m really excited about that! She said she’d give me call soon with the guy’s email, so I can send on my resume, but I think I’ll go ahead and give her a call sometime in the morning. This is really a saving grace for me, as I’ve been praying that something would just come up out of nowhere, so I wouldn’t be quick judged to take on Aflac. I’m scheduled for a second interview tomorrow, but I’m going to decide in the morning if I’m even going to go. Second interview usually means you have the job, but I’m really not interested. I’ve read up on the position and its for a sales associate that is solely based on commission and you are pretty much self-employed. I just don’t want to risk that kind of lifestyle and not be able to pay my bills. So this job opportunity that might have come up thanks to Rachel, might seriously be my calling. We’ll see.

The hope is once I get a job, and Bobby finds a better one, we’re going to move into an apartment along with Ryan Patnaude. I’ve already anticipated this is going to happen this summer, as I already have a TV, Bobby’s got an even bigger one, I have an entertainment system from my aunt, and my mom just bought a bunch of glasses. Just need some plates, as I have forks and spoons left over from a Christmas present. So anyway.. things feel good now.. I’m just taking one day at a time though. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Two bits of interest. One, today was my fifth anniversary at Wendy’s. Please spare me the congratulations. I did bring in Jenga to work today and had fun playing that instead of working with my manager Josh. Also tomorrow, I think me and Jacqui are going to try to meet and catch up some. Good times.

Until we meet again…