The people you run into these days…

Well earlier this afternoon I attended yet another career fair in downtown Columbus over at the Hyatt Regency. Those are nice hotels by the way.. I think I stayed in one of those before on a trip for MK Online. Anyway, I think things turned out fairly well this time around. I ran into Aflac again, who I only played phone tag with for about a month, without setting up an interview. I explained to the recruiter my position and mentioned the name of the guy who was trying to set up the interview with me. She instantly knew who I was talking about, so she wrote down a note on my resume so that Chris, the guy that wanted to interview me, knows I’m still interested. However, more luck might have come with another company, Ajilon. As I was standing in the long line awaiting to talk to the recruiter, I thought I recognized the lady from one of the career fairs I went to a month or so ago. Turns out she recognized me too. When I handed her my resume she said she had definitely seen my resume and even stated that “We did set up an interview with you correct?”. I said no, but that I would still be highly interested. So she made a note on my resume, and also asked if I’d like to schedule an interview. So that’s next Monday. They specialize in staffing administrative services to people, but they are looking for actual spots within their organization. They are located on High Street, so the location is good. I’m sure Aflac would be nice, but I’m really hoping to not end up in Sawmill again. So we’ll see. I also gave my resume to a few places like ManPower, but they never get back to me.

Anyway, a strange thing happened as I went over and set down in an empty chair, while adding a note about my interview into my cell phone. There was a man sitting next to me, filling out an application that looked up and said hello. I returned the greeting being polite, and continued to mess with my telephone. He gave me this awkward look as if he knew me from somewhere, and I began to think the same, but just couldn’t place it. Finally, it started to bug me because I knew somewhere I had seen this man’s face before. Then it hit me. I knew exactly where I had talked to this man before. Believe it or not, it was last August when I flew out to Chicago to attend one of Midway Games press conventions. I was only in Chicago for one full day, so the next morning after grabbing lunch at the O’Hare airport with Scott Bishop, I returned to my gate for my departing flight back to Columbus and waited. At this time, a man, who was a flight attendant walked up to me and shot me an odd look and told me that he thought I looked awfully familiar. He then asked me if I was on one of his previous flights just the day before, which I was. And he said, “That’s it.. I thought so.” He then asked why I was already leaving Chicago so quickly, to which I explained my scenario. We then just chatted for a few minutes, and eventually I got on my flight and as I arrived in Columbus, I told him to take care as we got off the flight.

Well, it turned out that this same guy was sitting at this table with me ten months later. I told him my story once it came to, and he vaguely remembered it and told me he was surprised I would remember such a thing. So we didn’t know where to take the conversation from there, so I told him we should exchange numbers if any job leads come up and network. So we did that just that, and he offered to buy me some lunch, but my mom was already picking me up. It really is a small world. The odds of running into that man (Adam), are slim to none. It’s obvious he no longer works at United, so that’s unfortunate.

Anyway, I’m excited after today.. finally some catches. I’m just taking it easy the rest of the day here. I need to get out of these suit pants so I’m going to head off. Bobby and me might look around for some apartments for the heck of it when he gets off work.

Happy Monday.