E3 2006 Begins..

Well guys, I’m not there this year but the rest of my crew is and will start reporting live today over at Mortal Kombat Online. So if you are a video game fan, with a particular interest for Mortal Kombat, keep it tuned on MKO for the next three days as my guys should be bringing us some very nice exclusives. So how am I going to spend the first day of E3 this year? I’m headed to work now, and won’t be off until late tonight.. Ah well… there’s more to come from MKO later this year, and you’ll see me then. As for other things, I’ve ended up scoring a second interview on Monday as well, this time finally with Aflac! So next Monday is going to be a very busy day for me.. Wish me luck..

With that, I need to get ready for my current job.