You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost.

I really have nothing to write about. Nothing.. Nothing at all.. But I feel an urge to write anyway. Ok thinking.. what do I write about, hmm still I don’t know. I guess I could mention that a few days ago at work an older lady gave me $20 because she heard me on the phone talking to Andrew about how broke I was, but I’m sure I’ve already told you that story. If not, the moral is that there really are some good people left in this world, and that’s awesome. Someday I will have to pay it forward. Ok so.. I still have nothing. Sorry. It’s been a pretty slow weekend. Didn’t go out tonight, I didn’t feel like going to the drive in and seeing two movies. I really only wanted to see Mission Impossible 3 anyway. Plus, I have to get up early tomorrow and open at 8 AM. Which sucks, I know they are trying to con me into opening now because Nic’s no longer working there. I plan to stop working Sundays all together.. Next week I’m going back to church. Speaking of Nic, he graduated from Capital today along with some of my other friends including Stephanie Hall. Nic’s got a job lined up already and is getting married next month. Oh well, hopefully career fair number three for me on Monday will bring something to light. My last Jones Soda cap said a new position will soon be mine anyway! Ha.. that’ll be the day. I’m getting off here and then I’m going to try to finish most of the Da Vinci Code. Then I’m going to head to bed earlier than usual, because of work tomorrow. It will be nice to get off at 2 P.M. What else.. tomorrow night a gathering of old friends is planned to celebrate Nic’s graduation. I shouldn’t go because he didn’t come to my graduation party last year! Haha.. ok so he was in Boston..

Ok fine, I’m going to stop writing now.