The weekend round-up report…

The weekend is finally over and overall it was great! Last night was Andrew’s impromptu bachelor party that had to be thrown together real quick, but it was a blast! It was a mix of old friends including myself, Nic Fisher, Josh Burden, Brian Billingsley, Robbie (Andrew’s bro-n-law), and some random friend of Robbie’s, who also went by Nic. No worries though, as he worked at another Champs (where we ate) so we were able to get 50% off our order. I tried not to drink too much as I drove up, but I still ended up drinking plenty to keep me out of it for hours.. I think I just drank Killians that night. Andrew was long gone though.. After Champs, we headed over to Gameworks and I challenged Andrew to some air hockey, as that was huge for us back in high school whenever we went on field trips for Chamber Singers. Though, I could tell Andrew was pretty smashed.. as I kept kicking his ass every round. After a few more drinks at Gameworks, I finally headed back towards home with Nic, but he drove me to where his car was at Capital, which gave me enough time to get rid of my buzz so I could get home. Overall.. a pretty fun time, for what short notice Robbie gave me. We had to put this together in just a matter of days because of reasons in my last post. But, we had fun and that’s all that matters!

As for today, church with Bobby, then headed over to the nursing home where PapPap is staying presently in Lancaster. I visited with him for a little, then hit home and caught up on some things and later met up with Ryan and Bobby and played some more online poker, got something to eat at Subway, then.. more online poker. We got done about 11.. Didn’t have too much luck tonight. We played a $50 game,  but didn’t get placed which was kind of disappointing. Heck, it isn’t actually our money so we didn’t mind too much. Tomorrow, well later today to be completely accurate, I’m heading to work. Not sure what’s planned for this week other than another career fair I’m attending on Wednesday. I’m going to get off here and get to bed soon. I bought the Da Vinci Code today. I don’t believe it’s fact, but figured I should probably at least read it and see what all the controversy is about. So I’m going to go read that for a bit, then head to bed.

Hope everyone has a great week.